Hi, my names Elizabeth and I’m a trainee solicitor from lovely Bath, in south-west England. The website name EMDA is named after the first initials of myself, my husband and our two children. I’m what some what call a mature student, lol!

Occasionally (very occasionally) when I have some free time on my hands, or just need a break, I find that writing on subjects I know about helps me to relax and take my mind away from any current stress, at least for an hour or two. To me writing is like meditation, even if it is on subjects such as personal injury and accident claims. But each to their own.

So, this website (I have others) is simply meant to help myself keep stress free and also hopefully be of some use to those that might want a little information on what can be done if you have been hurt because of things like lack of care or dereliction of duty. I don’t update it that often as I’m a fairly busy person what with the kids to look after and solicitor training to handle but busy is good.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for any grammatical errors as grammar has never been a strong point of mine. I hope you haven’t noticed!

That’s all for now but if you have for some strange reason read this page then thank you.