How Do You Claim For Spinal Injuries?

The spine certainly plays a very important role in our body. You can consider it as your very own biological super highway: it connects the nerves from various parts of the body to the brain. Most of the commands that come from the brain go through the spine.

It’s also one of the most delicate components of the human body. That’s why it’s enclosed by a series of bones called the column. These bones are tough, but sometimes certain situations can be so severe these bones break and your spine becomes damaged.

When The Accident Is Caused By Another

Accidents do happen, and some of these can lead to serious injuries affecting the spine. However, a number of these accidents may be due to the negligence of another person. If such is the case, then you can file for spinal injury claims.

What does it do? The claim is a demand for just compensation, considering a lot of factors such as:

  • The cost of treatment even after the claim should this be applicable
  • Expenses paid for the initial treatment
  • Loss of work or income (whether permanent or temporary loss)
  • Monetary equivalent of the pain and suffering, as well as the diminished quality of life
  • Fees for the solicitor

spineAlthough it’s true that in most cases no amount of money can ease the pain and suffering, whether emotionally or physically, the correct compensation can be useful to relieve you of a possibly huge financial burden.

“But the Party Has Insurance to Pay Me”

In truth, one of the major reasons why people file for spinal injury claims is because of insurance. Often, these companies don’t pay out anywhere near realistically enough. Thus, to make sure they do, you file for a claim.

Does It Go To Court?

It’s already a common misconception of many that when they file an accident injury claim, the matter is immediately brought to court. This in fact doesn’t even happen in the majority of cases. In fact, what goes on is the complete opposite: most of the claims are settled out of it.

When you file a claim, your solicitor (should you choose to use one) then immediately notifies the defendant, and they are given around 3 months to perform an investigation, send a reply, and honor the claim. If they do that, then the claim can be considered fulfilled, and it doesn’t have to be escalated to any court. A lot of defendants prefer a settlement since it also reduces what could be a considerable amount of stress in their life.

How About The Money?

Suffering from a spinal injury can mean a huge amount of your savings and income going to treatments, medications, and health care assistance. Hence, you may be worried about spending more money for a solicitor.

Fortunately these days you’ll come across solicitor or lawyer firms that offer a no-win, no-fee agreement, which simply means that if you don’t win the case, then you don’t have to pay any fee (subject to certain terms and conditions). Some also offer interim payments, which act like advanced payments for the claim.